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On behalf of Holistic Medicine Research Foundation, Hyderabad, it gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the LEADING 4th World Congress on Traditional Medicine 2024” will take place on 28th  July 2024 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Auditorium, Hyderabad. This congress will focus on the theme “The Epistemology of Traditional Healing Systems” and explore the diverse research and clinical applications of Traditional Medicine. This congress will give excellent opportunity for cooperation between renowned researchers and many fragments of the Traditional Medicine. WHO already quoted that in many developing countries, Traditional Medicine plays an important role in the meeting the primary health care needs of the population.

The World Congress on Traditional Medicine would play a vital role to educate and communicate to the National & International community, the value it brings to all humanity.

The highlight of the World Congress will be Scientific sessions on AYUSH and Traditional Medicine, FREE Health Camp, Special Pre-Congress Workshops on AYUSH and Traditional Medicine, Rally on Less Salt and Sugar intake, Neem Tree plantations, Health Awareness Essay Competitions, To present Scientific Research Journal on the efficacy and Safety of Traditional & Complementary Medicine, Traditional Health Magazine, International Day of Yoga and Spiritual program which will bring  Traditional Medicine  into limelight through the exchange of knowledge between the delegates and expert speakers around the Globe.

This is an eye opening program to traditional practitioners, students, sponsors and visitors, which will exchange of ideas and philosophy of Traditional Medicine. Hope everyone will reach to capital city of India -New Delhi. We are Glad to invite and welcome you for the participation to our Leading 4th World Congress on Traditional Medicine 2024.

We are highly confident that you will get the excellent knowledge and enjoy the scientific program which will be fruitful to your area of interest. This will create a huge platform to exchange and upgrade your knowledge.

We look forward to see you at PEARL CITY OF HYDERABAD, TELANGANA-INDIA


    1. Eminent Speakers (National & International)
    2. TM Membership Certificate (Free Subscription)
    3. FREE nomination for Awards & Recognition for Diamond pass
      • Int. Traditional Healer AWARD
      • RASTRIYA VAIDYA SAMMAN (Note: Will be awarded based on experience, services towards humanity and excellence in academics)
    4. Participate in Group Panel discussion on “Integration of Traditional and Complementary Medicine into Healthcare Systems”
    5. Upgrade the skills of T& CM into healthcare systems


  1. Doctors, Physicians
  2. Traditional and complementary medicine Practitioners
  3. Pharmacists
  4. Policy makers and healthcare administrators
  5. Private corporate sector and NGO
  6. Scientists & Researchers
  7. Ayurveda specialists
  8. Students & Academicians
  9. Hospitals and their staffs
  10. Professors & Business Analysts
  11. Herbal and Traditional Medicine Researchers
  12. Industrialists
  13. Medical Executives, Practitioners Of Natural Medicine
  14. Anyone interested in related field
  15. Acupuncturists
  16. Alternative & Complementary Medicine Practitioners and Researchers
  17. Business/Practice Managers
  18. Associations, Societies and Universities
  19. Natural Therapists, Acupuncture Practitioners



Traditional Medicine is the oldest form of health care in the world and is used in the prevention, and treatment of physical and mental illnesses. Different societies historically developed various useful healing methods to contest a variety of health- and life-threatening diseases. Traditional Medicine is also variously known as alternative and complementary, or ethnic medicine, and it still plays an important role in many countries today, Traditional Medicine has eased in the development of modern drugs, Though its use of natural products, Traditional Medicine offers integrity over other forms of medicine in such areas as the following: detection of lead compounds and drug candidates, examining drug-like activity and scrutinize physicochemical, biochemical, pharmacokinetic, and toxicological characteristics. If any form of Traditional Medicine is applied successfully, it may surprisingly assist in the development of new drugs, thereby resulting in many benefits, such as significant cost reductions. Nations hardly have any policies or regulations relating to all of the aspects of traditional medicine as an integral part of their overall health care system. This results in an essential commitment to research and development funding.


    Natural products are secondary metabolites that have been the most successful source for potential drug discovery. Natural products are well known for their medicinal uses. Plants that have evolved and adapted millions of years produces a variety of secretions and various agents in them to withstand bacteria, insects, fungi and weather, these secretions are secondary metabolites. Ethno pharmacological features have been used as a primary source of medicines for early drug discovery. The other aspect, Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is the health profession which connects health sciences with chemical sciences which ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities regarding the detection, assessment, expertise, and prevention of the destructive effects of drugs or every other possible drug-associated problem.

Under the WHO worldwide Drug tracking software, countrywide Pharmacovigilance facilities detailed by the capable fitness government are answerable for the gathering, processing, and assessment of case reviews of suspected detrimental reactions furnished by way of fitness care experts (mainly spontaneous reporting via physicians of reactions associated with the use of prescribed drug treatments). The program is defined in publications: protection monitoring of medicinal products: guidelines for setting up and going for walks a pharmacovigilance middle. Traditional medicine & Metabolites, Modern natural product-derived drugs, Foundations of organic and natural product chemistry, Biosynthesis, Drugs – Action and Behavior, Antibiotics


Ethno pharmacology is the study of different medicinal plants products in a specific group or in response to drugs by a different culture. It focuses on the use of traditional medicine in local communities and also commercial application. Many expensive drugs of today such as ephedrine, tubocurarine, atropine, reserpine, digoxin came into use through the study of indigenous remedies. Ethno pharmacology is based on the combination of the chemical, biological, and pharmacological sciences, which are a useful tool for natural product-based drug discovery. it deals with field studies, pharmacological and clinical studies of chemically profiled extracts, and studies on the quality and composition of several other issues like biological screening and naturally derived products research.

The Society will help to instruct the modern global knowledge on the herb, herbal remedies, herbal quality assurance, herbal trade and commerce, and herbal drug development so that the person with local knowledge can be upgraded. It will forge a bridge between the industry and academics to gather scientific and teaching professional in Ethno pharmacology and professional of other areas interested in developing cost-effective natural remedies.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Market worth $210.81 Billion By 2026

The World Congress provides Traditional Medicine Experts, Scientists, Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Leaders, Educators, Researchers, Students and other Healthcare Professionals with exciting scientific sessions including Lectures and Workshops in a variety of areas of Global Health Issues.

The Scientific programme will feature cutting edge research and clinical practices, which will offer an innovative platform to shape up traditional health education, will bring up awareness in the World. The World Congress will bring together holistic expertise across the world offering delegates globally recognized

Mark your calendars and register with us in advance for this exciting event!  Come, share and learn with your colleagues in depth.


    1. Integrative Medicine
    2. Holistic Medicine
    3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    4. Acupuncture
    5. Ayurveda
    6. Homeopathic Medicine
    7. Naturopathic Medicine
    8. Unani Medicine
    9. Siddha
    10. Reiki Science
    11. Yoga and Meditation
    12. Indian Ethno medicine
    13. Acupressure
    14. Sujok Therapy
    15. Exercise and Physical therapy
    16. Indigenous or Tribal Medicine
    17. Aromatherapy
    18. Spiritual Science , Astro Science
    19. Hijama Cupping Therapy
    20. Iridology
    21. Hypnotherapy


  • This forum will provide an opportunity for collegial interaction with other speakers and established celebrities across the globe.
  • Young Researcher Award will be given to the best presentation by the organizing committee member.
  • Interaction with the best Traditional Medicine exhibitors to upgrade your experience
  • Learning in a New Space and novel techniques to benefit your research
  • Keynote forums by Prominent Professors, Doctors, and Practitioners
  • It provides international networking and opportunities for participation with worldwide companies and industries
  • Networking with new people within your field
  • Exhibit hall with a leading specialty in Herbals, Traditional Medicine, and AYUSH

Key features

All honorable authors, researchers, scientists and students are encouraged to contribute and help the shape of the conference through submissions of their posters & research abstracts. Also, high quality research contributions describing original and unpublished of conceptual, research oriented, experimental or theoretical work in all areas of Traditional Medicine and are warmly invited for presentations at the conference.

  • World renowned Speaker
  • Authors, Reviewers and Editors are provided with scientific credits
  • Presentation by renowned speakers from all over the World
  • Interactive sessions
  • Poster presentation and World class exhibits
  • Platform for Global networking
  • Pre Congress training program with renowned expert
  • Various prestigious Award ceremony
  • Free Health Camp
  • Health Awareness Essay competition
  • Hands-on-training on Nadi Pariksha